About 10 Questions

People of faith, seeking better lives.

We are a community of people of faith, coming together to seek better lives. Inspired by the book "10 Questions, The Essentials for a Spiritually Healthy Life" by Hugh Taylor, we draw from the wisdom of the Five Books of Moses (Also called The Torah, The Old Testament or The Pentateuch). Through Bible study, we learn that God speaks to us through the Holy Bible. God's words can help guide our lives in a more positive direction.

The Ten Questions

  1. Do I Understand God’s Will?
  2. How Am I Praying?
  3. How Am I Behaving?
  4. Do I Know Myself?
  5. How Am I Treating Others?
  6. How Am I Handling Fears and Challenges?
  7. How Do I Handle Temptation and Toxic People?
  8. Am I Working on Myself?
  9. What is Really Mine?
  10. How Do I Deal with Family and Community?

About Hugh Taylor

Changing his life with the power of God's wisdom

Hugh is the author of the book "10 Questions." He wrote the book as a way to share his journey from a life filled with stress and failure to one of spiritual fulfillment. Starting from a place of complete secularism and lack of faith, Hugh slowly learned to understand how the Bible contained the word of God, messages that could him transform his existence. Now a religious Jew, Hugh draws on classical commentary on The Torah from ancient sages, applying the lessons he learned to help others achieve a better spiritual life.