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Genesis 27:32 – "Isaac his father said to him [Esau] 'Who are you?’"

The Patriarch Isaac, now old and feeling death looming, asked his son, Esau to prepare a meal for him. Isaac would then bestow the blessing of the firstborn on Esau, making Esau the next Patriarch — the progenitor of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition.

We know what happened, though. Jacob dressed up as Esau and stepped in to get the blessing meant for Esau. Isaac, who was blind, could not tell the difference, or so it seems. When Esau did appear for his blessing a little while later, Isaac asked, "Who are you?"

Is it really possible that Isaac did not know what was going on? The Sages have differing views on how it was possible for Jacob to fool his father into thinking that he was actually Esau. Some say that Isaac knew exactly what was going on, and let himself be duped in order to bestow the blessing on Jacob. Others say that Isaac had his own view of what was meant to be: that Esau and Jacob were supposed to lead the Israelite nation together, and that Esau would provide the money, while Jacob would provide the spirituality and learning to make Israel fulfill its destiny as God’s chosen people. That is why Isaac blessed Jacob, thinking it is Esau, by saying, "May God give you the dew of the Heavens and the fatness of the earth, and abundant grain and wine." Isaac wanted Esau to prosper, so he could support Jacob in Torah learning.

However, it was not meant to be. In life, we can draw a lesson from this famous story. God has a will for us. We do not know what it is. Sometimes, we may think we know, and we may even be right, but we can never be certain. Even Isaac, one of the greatest prophets and most righteous men ever to live, seems to have gotten it wrong if his intention was indeed to bless Esau. For us, then, how much more so should we be humble about our understanding of God’s will for us.